On Sale: Aug 01, 2023

Hype (Trade Paperback)

  • by Gabrielle Bluestone


An eye-opening look at the con artists, grifters, and snake oil salesmen of the digital age—and why we can’t stop falling for them.

We live in an age where scams are the new normal. A charismatic entrepreneur sells thousands of tickets to a festival that never happened. Respected investors pour millions into a start-up centered around fake blood tests. Reviewers and celebrities flock to London’s top-rated restaurant that’s little more than a backyard shed. These unsettling stories have risen to fame and hit the front-page headlines, yet the curious conundrum remains: Why do these scams happen?

Drawing from scientific research, marketing campaigns, and exclusive documents and interviews, reporter Gabrielle Bluestone pulls back the curtain on the manipulation game behind the never-ending scam season—and how we as consumers can stop getting played.

“The most fun, most outrageous, and—most of all—most true book of the year.” —Olivia Nuzzi, author and Washington correspondent, New York magazine

“A deep dive into the depressing world of grifters, bullsh*t artists, plagiarists and long con experts turbocharged by the Internet.” —Anna Merlan, author of Republic of Lies