On Sale: Jun 30, 2020

Strangers She Knows (Paperback)

  • by Christina Dodd


“This is Dodd at her brilliant best.” —Booklist (starred review)

1. I’ve seriously offended a maniacal killer.

2. I just had a bullet removed from my brain.

3. My new daughter is growing up too fast—and she’s in the line of fire.

Living on an isolated, technology-free island off the coast of California means safety from the murderer who hunts Kellen Adams and her new family…or does it? Brain surgery has left Kellen in a painfully slow recovery, unsure if she can trust her own mind. But when strange, unexplainable occurrences start happening, family time becomes terror time—and Kellen fears the worst.

Forced to face an all-too familiar killer playing a cruel game, Kellen knows only one can survive. With the killer promising to attack her family next, Kellen knows who must win…and who must die.

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