On Sale: Jun 11, 2019

Rosie Colored Glasses (Trade Paperback)

  • by Brianna Wolfson


Seeing the world through ROSIE COLORED GLASSES…

Opposites attract, but they can also create friction. And therein lies the tension within the Thorpe family. Rex, practical and unsentimental, is the rule keeper, whereas Rosie, sparkling and unconventional, lives to break the rules. When Rosie and Rex inevitabily divorce, it is their daughter, Willow, who is left on her own to navigate their opposing worldviews as she shuffles between her parents’ two homes.

But Willow just wants to be with Rosie, to bask in the enchanting glow of her fun-loving mother, who lets her stay up late, miss school, eat candy for breakfast and sets up secret midnight trysts in their backyard tree house. Rosie’s seemingly outsize love fills the void within Willow that her parents’ divorce has created. But as her mother’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, Rex steps in to shield Willow in his own way. Blinded by Rosie’s brilliance, Willow resents her father’s interference, unable to recognize his involvement as an expression of his love.

Rex had to remove his Rosie colored glasses long ago. Now Willow struggles to do the same without destroying the deep love she feels for her mother.

In turns heartbreaking and uplifting, this is a novel about the many ways that love, no matter how imperfect, redeems you. And how mothers and fathers and daughters and sons learn to bend for one another.